Overtones by MothMonarch



19 June 2018 at 02:45:30 MDT

Traditional piece done in ink & watercolor with gold metallic accents. Presented to Kage in collaboration with Tien Long as part of a prank I popped off this past Furnal Equinox.

Essentially, I approached Tien several weeks before FE and said "Let's surprise Kage!" He has two of these pieces already hanging up over his wine rack, and he'd recently told me the last doodle in this set was his favorite I have ever done of him.
Tien Long agreed this would be a fabulous idea, so I set to work sketching, inking, coloring, and finally framing this piece to go. I handed it off to Tien - Kage would see it coming if it were straight from me, after all - and made him promise to deliver it on stage during the Charity Show.


(But then what happened?)