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Elementals: KNOWLEDGE by MothMonarch

Elementals: KNOWLEDGE


19 June 2018 at 02:43:16 MDT

From the Elemental commissions round two, here is FredericHusky as a KNOWLEDGE Elemental!

Before computers connected the world to a great expanse of worldwide information, the lessons of history, science, literature, and other disciplines were recorded and safeguarded in libraries and museums. They have changed with the times, but many of these great strongholds of knowledge and human experience stand still, often with hidden treasures on their shelves and in their vaults. Some of these special books and objects are only accessible to trained staff, scholars, professionals. The Knowledge Elemental has learned much in his day but, never being satisfied, uses his experience to find the best of these artifacts and take their wisdom, stories, or information into himself. He is always curious, always seeking out the quiet truths of the world and eager to understand more in any subject put before him.


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    Ah, good old Fred and his books... am I right? X3