"Bee Yourself" and "Queen Bee" Enamel Pins are HERE! by MothMonarch

"Bee Yourself" and "Queen Bee" Enamel Pins are HERE!


5 November 2016 at 21:15:05 MDT

The highly anticipated "Bee Yourself" and "Queen Bee" enamel pins are finally here! Orders will be shipping out starting this weekend, so if you haven't preordered, grab yours now!

Order BEE YOURSELF here!
Order QUEEN BEE here!

Seven species of bee have recently been placed on the U.S. Endangered species list. Bees and other pollinators are super important to our agriculture and survival, so let’s help them together! I’m donating 25% of the purchase price of each pin to the Pollinator Partnership monthly, now through the end of January 2017. Please help me spread the word about this project so we can make a difference!

The bees do so much for us - let’s take an opportunity to do something for them!