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Dailies! by mosa



I now do colored sketches as dailies, but only if they're two-character. Single char colored sketches and monochrome single and two char sketches are only for weekend streams, which you can find the info for here:

What is a Daily?
It is art that I do in one sitting. Usually streamed for the buyer, if they wish. Customer picks the available date that they want, the type of art that they want, and well, pretty much everything like a normal commission except it's done right away on schedule. Takes between 5-10 hours depending on the scene and type. NO WAITING! Isn't that great? You bet it is.

I've been doing furry art commissions for over twelve years. This is my job, and as a Doctor of Fuckology, I consider myself a pornfessional.
I don't judge you for your fetishes. If I can't or won't do it, then I will leave it at that. But it is likely I will draw it.
I prefer when customers speak up about mistakes rather than quietly let me make them due to fear of "artist wrath". I want you to be happy with the finished product, and I will never get angry about reasonable fixes of mistakes I have made.

Remember that when getting a gift for a friend, if it is an adult work, I will need proof that the gift will be welcome. Please ask me how to submit proof if needed.

Sound good?

Great! Here's how to get one:
1) Read my TOS to find out what I will and will not draw.

2) Check the available slots free and pick one that works for you. Be sure to schedule at least 24 hours in advance.

3) I will require this info emailed to me (mosa at mooncatart dot com):

  • accurate character references sent as ATTACHMENTS. If you have conflicting references with inaccuracies, please tell me which parts are correct, and which are not.
  • whether you want G rated, sexy nude pinup, or porn.
  • what type of art you would like
  • short description of the scene. If you have no ideas, just tell me to wing it. Photo refs for poses are welcome.
  • any other references I may need (clothing, props, etc) also sent as attachments. Photo refs of clothing and props are welcome.

4) I will give you my payment information. I will require a minimum partial payment of $35 to hold your slot. The rest must be paid before the scheduled date of your slot. I will not remind you to send payment, so if you forget, your slot may be claimed by someone else.

5) You will be added to the schedule

6) On the day you have chosen, I will do the piece. If you have arranged with me to watch, then I will email you when the stream begins, with the address to view the stream. Public images will be streamed on picarto, private ones will be done through

Note: Two character images MAY take a second day to complete, especially if a detailed background is added. If this occurs, likely I will finish it up on my own the next day, but if you insist on being present the whole time, you will need to specifically schedule a second date.

7) The finished piece will be linked to you via dropbox or through email. I will upload to FA/IB/SF/WZ/FR at my leisure. You may do the same.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital