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Carrion Companions by Mortalvis

Carrion Companions


This is my witchsona, Slop.

Once upon a time, when Slop the witch was not called Slop, and garbage was still a questionable thing to eat, they had a loving partner. While Slop loved this person very much, food was always foremost in their heart. Their gluttonous nature became so unbearable, Slop's partner put a curse on them and left them to their voracious ways. The curse, quite nasty and mean, stated that the more food Slop should consume, the more hideous and inhuman they were to become. And yet Slop continued to eat. And eat, and eat, and eat, feeling no sadness for their loss when in the company of a snack. Soon food was just a word for whatever would fit into their mouth, and Slop succumbed to their bane fully. More goblinoid than human now, Slop searches high and low for foods of all flavors alongside their familiar of similarly low standards, Mire, and uses property-altering magicks to keep their wicked appetite fed.

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    What happens if I throw water on Slop? :I

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      that's what would happen
      u ever smell wet garbage goblin before

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        I've smelled 70 wet dogs does that count

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          that's probably a good start yeah

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    That's a hella rad concept I see here òwò Your witchsona is damn cooool!

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      aaa thank you so much <33