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Next Top Breeder Chapter 9 by morpheuskibbe

Next Top Breeder Chapter 9


11 September 2021 at 17:27:16 MDT


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Chapter 9: Clearing Things Up
Kate was curled up like a ball under a surprisingly vibrant blanket in her boyfriend’s childhood bedroom,
while said boyfriend was distracting himself with his laptop.
“So…” Eric said between clicking keys, “That was… awkward…”
Kate poked her nose out of her blanket cocoon, “Awkward? The first time I meet my new boyfriend’s
parents I’m totally naked and stuck that way for hours, I find out that they have watched the show and
hence seen me get plowed in every way imaginable including watching me and YOU go at it, and as a
cherry on top of this day, your mother felt me up. So ya... Today was awkward.”
“Ya. then you brother spanked you before handing over your clothes… Wait what was that last point?
My mom felt you up?”
Kate sighed, “When we were alone for a moment, she started looking me over, said she could see why
you were interested in me, then just started grabbing my butt and my boobs! Definitely didn’t help that
I started to get wet over the whole deal.”
“Oh….” Eric said simply before going quiet and looking own at the screen of his computer with a look of
forced concentration.
Kate raised an eyebrow, “Eric are you…? Oh my god did you pop a boner?”
Eric reddened
“Oh well great, maybe next time your mom feels like groping me you can watch”
“Kate I’m sorry, I…” Eric stammered, clearly nervous that he had done something wrong, “I .. I I didn’t
mean it like… I..”
Kate sighed, “Calm down dork, Its ok. I probably shouldn’t judge unintentional arousal considering I
could probably cum from a backrub right now.”
“I read that breeders tend to get much more sensitive to touch and arousal over time” Eric said, “Is it
really that intense? Just from a touch?”
“Being on a porno reality show where I got sexed five times a day probably accelerated it, but I suppose
its not too horrible” Kate poked her head a bit farther out of her cocoon, “It’s not like I’ll cream my
panties after a high five or a pat on the back, but I more or less can’t be touched without my nipples
perking up, and any extended contact will require some paper towels downstairs”
“Oh my” Eirc looked alarmed, “That… that sounds like it would… Wow Kate, is there anything that can
help it... you... I…”
“Not that I know of.” Kate shook her head, “But it shouldn’t be so bad if the person touching me is
someone I like, like you”
Eric blushed again, “Well I promise I’ll do whatever I can to fulfill any urges I cause in you, intentional or
“Think you can candle that responsibility, baby?” Kate stuck out her tongue.
“Well if you turn into an uncontrollable lust beast I’ll just tie you up again” Eric said with a laugh and a
“No way you’d succeed in tying me up if I was ACTUALLY out of control” Kate giggled, “You’d have to get
Eric’s face dropped a bit, “R-right… help.”
“Ahh crap.. sorry I …”
“Its ok. I know that my mom sleeps around, and she did tell me that breeders almost can’t be
monogamous, the hormones get to be too much over time.”
Kate sighed and slipped out of the blankets, revealing her clothed form. Loose fitting pants that slip up
the sides a bit towards the bottom and a V-neck T covered her supportive bra and boxer shorts. She
padded over to Eric and gave him a hug from behind, “I don’t know how much I’ll.. uh… need it, babe. If
I do though I won’t just pick up a random guy we’ll figure that out together, ok?”
Eric nodded, “If its not to weird to ask… Your brother seemed weirdly, uh, forward, with you.”
Kate sighed, “I knew this topic would come up, brought it up with your mom a bit already so might as
well.” Kate took a breath, “You mom deals with her breeder instincts by barhopping for guys. My mom
decided to deal with it with… us”
Eric raised an eyebrow
Kate continued, “She was my brother’s first, and mine as well. Whenever my dad alone couldn’t fully
sate her needs, we would step in. It was, is, a lot nicer than most people tend to assume it would be.”
“But your mom though… that’s like… not…”
“I know what people think” Kate cut him off, “I know, but it wasn’t any sort of abuse. I never felt like I
was being used and I always felt loved, and I loved it and it was normal for my brother and me and dad
and mom to all well….” Kate took a pause, “Eric, you know the story about how we found out that I was
“The show announcer said that you got silly at a sweet 16 and got knocked up, adopted the kid to an
infertile family and signed up to be a breeder starting on your 18th birthday, right?”
“Yes. That’s mostly true. I did get knocked up at 16. We did place the baby with a loving family that
wanted a kid but like most were infertile. I did get scouted for the show and to be a pro breeder almost
immediately afterwards with the intention of me starting at 18. The part that’s not correct is the sweet
16 party part.” Kate said shifting a bit nervously, “we told people that, but well. It’s a… you see the
father wasn’t… er… there’s a possibility.”
“Kate, I promise not to judge, you can talk to me” Eric smiled at her and gently patted her shoulder.
Kate smiled back at him and nodded, “The father was my brother…”
To Eric’s credit he didn’t react much. Managed to just nod contemplatively be for responding, “How’d
that happen?”
“Well by then we… That is Dan and I, had been involved with our mother for a while. We even had
three ways on occasion, and we started, well, getting frisky with each other even outside of helping
mom with her needs.”
“And you didn’t use protection since you were almost certainly infertile like most women?”
“Nailed it, babe”
“Guess that explains him acting like that with you” Eric sighed, “I guess that means that if you ever need
extra help with your own urges, you already have a guy in mind … or a couple people in mind, if we
include…” He trailed off.
Kate nodded
“I’ll have to process this a bit, Kate. I won’t tell anyone, but … lets change the subject, shall we?”
“Oh god yes”
“Look” He turned the lap top so she could more easily see. The screen was full of different real estate
“House hunting already?”
“Got the money, got a job and the show payout was… a lot. so ya. wanted to show you some places so
we can decide on one”
“Thought you wanted to buy it all yourself, without needing my help?”
“I do, but I also want to live with you so” He leaned back and scrolled through the listings, “Let’s say I
have veto power on what house to buy, but one that we BOTH like would be just fine by me”
“Makes sense. Let me see” Kate turned the screen and started scrolling. This would clearly take a while.

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