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A Touch of Excitement Chapter 1 by morpheuskibbe

A Touch of Excitement Chapter 1


8 March 2020 at 13:54:39 MDT

Kate and In-Ka meet in school for the first time.

A Touch of Excitement
By Morpheus
Chapter 1: Girl Meets Girl
In-ka had meandered her way into class on the first day. It was always annoying to start the new year,
especially in a different room. She had to feel her way around to avoid walking into things, at least until
she learned the room layout. Luckily the teachers always assign her the desk closet to the door to make
it easier. When she finally found her spot she sat down and took out her laptop.
May seem a little odd for a blind person to have a computer, but they are actually often well equipped
for it. Basic functions can easily read out what’s going on on screen for anyone with vision issues. In-ka
popped an earbud into one ear as the laptop turned on, leaving the other open to hear the teacher
when class started.
“Startup page, Password field, edit text” the laptop helpfully chirped prompting her to enter her code.
“Desktop” The laptop chirped again when it logged in. She typed win-R and the command to launch her
notetaking program. A few more voice readouts and she was into the note page for this class. She
could ask it to readout anything she had typed previously and could easily enter more notes during class
The students continued filing in and then got a little quieter and looked forward. In-ka assumed this
meant that the teacher had arrived, but apparently not as the tall presence she felt occluding the room
sat down next to her rather than starting a lecture. In-ka’s ears swiveled around to pick up what info
she could about why a student made people quiet down, and also why this student felt so large, or at
least tall.
In-ka may be blind, but she could still sort of ‘feel’ light. The warmth of the sun was an obvious way that
anyone could tell that sort of thing, but she could also tell when regular lights were on and off or
blocked by a body. It gave her surprisingly good situational awareness of the movement of others, in
addition to just hearing all their footsteps and breaths as they walked around. In-ka wondered if this
extra sense was a normal thing that all blind folk could develop, if it was she was extra good at it
compared to the others in her support group, or if it was related to her mutation.
In-ka was quite the genetic mess, and personal mystery for that matter. As far as anyone could tell she
came into existence as a teenager. No-one could find any records of her before age 12-ish when a
police officer found her hypothermic on the side of the road, in torn up clothing and with no memory of
much of anything other than her name; in truth they weren’t positive of her age either, just an educated
guess. Given her situation she needed to be adopted, or at least fostered, far too young to be on her
own, especially without the gift of sight. It would have been easier to be adopted if she was 3 or 4 years
old but 12+ was getting up there, especially considering her disability. Not many families wanted to take
in a teenager, much less a disabled one. In-ka wondered sometimes if the couple that DID eventually
take her in did it because they were interested in investigating her on the side. Her adoptive parents
were a Medical doctor and a psychologist, and it seemed at least possible that they were drawn to her
case initially due to professional interest before adopting her.
In-ka figured it didn’t matter too much, they had done a good job caring for her in the 4 years since and
in-ka saw them as her parents now regardless of why they took interest in the first place, and they tests
and exams they ran. In-ka knew her parents got frustrated sometimes but kept it contained around her.
No amount of counseling or hypnotherapy or anything else her mother had tried had managed to
recover any memories and the medical tests her dad periodically ran only reveled three things, one: she
seems to be a healthy wolf, two: genetic markers made it unlikely that she was conceived locally, but
couldn’t pinpoint ethnicity any better than that, and three: she had a dozen or so genetic variances
severe enough to be flagged as possible disorders, except most had never been seen outside of her and
the only symptoms was the bioluminescence, yep, she was a GLOWING wolf.
The glow appeared to cover her entire body, all her skin had, she was told, an almost eerie blueish hue
to it. During the day it was hard to tell anything was up but apparently even at its dimmest she could be
seen in the dark. In-ka’s black fur blocked the light on most of her body, but the ‘white’ areas of fur let it
through, including her hair, and exposed skin like her nose shown easily. Technically her white fur
wasn’t white, it was clear, almost fiber optic, like it was designed to let the light through. The brightness
appeared to be adjustable, but in-ka had preciously little control over it, It got brighter and dimmer with
her emotional state, any strong emotion, good or bad, and she lit up. One time she got lost in the
backyard, got turned around and couldn’t feel for anything familiar, the ensuing panic attack was
apparently ‘like a second sun rising in the backyard’, at least according to her dad.
In-ka figured the fiber optic fur might be bi-directional, sending light back in as well as out, and that that
might be why she could ‘feel’, for lack of a better word, the relative brightness of things around her.
This could tell her where the light sources were, as well as where people were provided they either
stood in front of a light source, or in front of a reasonably reflective surface.
This told her that the person sitting next to her was quite tall, unusually so. Her first thought was that it
was some sort of footballer jock and she immediately started to get nervous. An orphan, foreigner, with
bad eyes, and a very obvious mutation was a list of traits that brought a large amount of attention along
with it. Curiosity she understood, no matter how nice someone was, In-ka knew she was weird and
weird brought natural questions. The problem was it also brought other sort of attention too, prejudice
and distrust happened a lot, and potentially the worst was from guys. She had a lot of date requests
during her highschool career, heck even when she was in middle school. She had been flattered at first
but often, so so often, the guy would quickly get pushy. Wanting to rush to the finish, as it were, and be
able to say he got with the exotic girl.
Douchebag guys she could handle, they got pushy and rude, but not much else. The risk came when
they decided to go farther. In-ka’s rear had been grabbed more times that she could count, and her
chest a couple times as well. The worst was a former member of the track team that cornered her and
decided she wouldn’t be able to identify him anyway so; well long story short, between the screaming,
the clawing, and the blinding light, she fought hard enough to get him to back off before he got any
farther than ripping her shirt off, and even though she obviously never saw his face she did gouge pretty
deep lines in it with her claws, which made him easy to identify.
That was the worst of it, but all considered In-ka had a really hard time trusting people before getting to
know them for a long time, especially males. She was very introverted and avoided social interaction for
the most part due to this feeling of danger she always had, it also meant that despite all the interest, Inka
was still a virgin, not for lack of desire, but for her nervousness over the whole topic. So a very large
figure sitting next to her on day one was more than likely jock number 42 wanting to charm her up.
She figured she might as well get the inevitable conversation out of the way with a classroom of
witnesses so, taking a deep breath, In-ka turned to the figure and introduced herself, “Hello, uh, Are you
“I am yes” came the reply and a light brush of air signifying a hand being reached over. In-ka took it and
shook it trying to figure out the voice. The voice was somewhat gravelly, which was normal, but far
higher pitched than she was expecting, a quick sniff of the air didn’t reveal any gym sweat, but that
wasn’t much of a tell.
“I’m In-Ka” In-Ka said, “Welcome I, suppose”
“Thanks. And my name is Kate” The stranger replied. Wait what? This was a girl next to her? A girl THIS
TALL? In-ka tried to feel out the outline that Kate was making in the occluded light without making it
obvious what she was doing. Apparently when she focused on her extra sense she made what was
described as ‘constipation face’ and that would likely not be the best first impression. Near as she could
tell, Kate was indeed very gifted in the height department, possibly taller than most if not all the guys in
this place. The closer examination told In-ka that she was slender and curvy too, so not a bodybuilder
freak woman, just a tall freak woman.
“Oh you’re a girl?” In-ka almost slapped herself. Why’d she just say that out loud?
“Uhhhh……. ya…... Are the sweet tits not a give away?” Kate said and chuckled.
“Oh sorry I.. uh. well” In-ka stammered becoming embarrassed, and emotions are emotions, so the
luminosity of her immediate area went up rapidly.
“Holy SHIT!” Kate almost shouted aghast, “How are you doing that”
“I don’t” In-ka shook herself and willed herself to calm down, the light dimmed a bit, “I don’t really
know, sorry. It just happens”
“Wow. that’s awesome. So, uh. I bet you never need a flashlight” Kate commented.
“Well no but.. for more reasons than just that” In-ka turned back to Kate and opened her eyes wide and
pointed at them, “Here, look close”
“Uh. ok” Kate said sounding a bit confused, but she leaned in and looked, “Wha? you don’t have pupils?
it’s just gold? how do you?… OOHHHH”
“Ya. sorry for, uh. You seemed tall so that usually means guy and I can’t see your uh….”
“Rockin’ rack?” Kate laughed again.
Lightbulb back on, “ya.. that.” In-ka shook herself again. Why the heck did she get embarrassed again?
Calm down, calm down, she told herself over and over. Thankfully the lesson started soon and she was
able to distract herself by typing away on her laptop taking notes.


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