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Rescuer Candela by Morningwaves (critique requested)

Rescuer Candela (critique requested)


23 March 2017 at 23:10:11 MDT

The huge (literally) artwork i did for makaze makaze, his squirrel heroine Candela unsinking a rescue cutter in a massive gale.

This was a high-res/retinal commission-- I'm remaking my artmaking process better for 2017-- and I might continue huge paintings like this (the original has about 4x the pixels!)-- if the commission concept is one I can paint fast and really aligns with my interests and is supahfun and fast to do!

Enjoy! I learned very much about crafting a female figure, and especially making thicc legs and body heehee–I can't help it, huge thighs and a strong real lady body are great things to paint. There should be a revision coming of this too, as I know it could be stronger and more gripping and more 'living.'

If you have interest in commissioning me or want more details on the process of this or anythign else, please comment, I love to answer many many questions and talk on this. Also, I have been very quiet on here but am back. I have not forgotten Weasyl, it's only that my very highest complexity and most satisfying work gets uploaded here. Thank you, enjoy.

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