A Mighty Stroll by MoreOrRex

A Mighty Stroll


29 January 2017 at 18:56:37 MST

(pic updated to newer version)
"A lot of eating was done today. By Undyne, anyway. One minute she's talking about how great her spaghetti is, then about running a diner (with assistance from Papyrus), then about how all others have inferior pasta. Finally, before we left the house, she decided that she would reduce the spaghetti supply of every diner around. I worried of how she planned to do that, but the way she went about it...well...at least it's better than what I had imagined.

"The next hour was quite the expensive one and the money in our pockets quickly vanished (that one dog came by); the trip might have been cut short if our friend hadn't come along and payed for the rest. This was also fortunate in the hours to come, because...please don't tell her I said this...Undyne's gut ended up becoming quite...unwieldy. Heheh.

"Not that she couldn't lift her gut if the circumstances were different, but its, uh, smoothness and unshapeliness made gripping nigh impossible. And I...I couldn't lift it. I'm clearly not built for it. Undyne would have just pushed her way home, but our friend offered to carry it on their head. Undyne said she was simply, quote, 'allowing the squirt to carry her impressive girth', but I think she was really thankful for the help.

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