Blades n Guns by MoonPhyr

Blades n Guns


23 November 2016 at 16:55:02 MST

A sketch I did to showcase Kotaru's main weapons :D

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    I like the drastic change in his sword (his original weapon was epic, but pretty impractical and possibly dangerous to use)

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      Not to mention impossible to draw in perspective.
      Like holy shit
      that thing was close to giving me an aneurysm.

      I like this design a million times better....

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    Looks a lot like tron.

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      I've heard of it, never watched it, but have a decent idea of what it is, buuuut Tron was not the reason why I did blue glowy things. I did it for the mere love of it.
      Blue glowy things for days~ <3

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        I know you didnt want to make it look like tron but the image is still great. And try to wach tron. obsessed with the movie...whoops.

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          Nah, it's not that I didn't want to make it look like Tron. I mean...I've already accepted that originality no longer exists and that we can only take existing concepts and mix-n-match to get our own thing, kinda like colors on a palette for painting. It all depends on how you use those colors in the end. So if it reminds someone of Tron, then that's alright :D

          Yeah, i should probably schedule myself a day to watch that. That would probably be good research //nod nod

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            Yeah its a great movie with cool design.