Cutting Down Despair by MoonPhyr

Cutting Down Despair


9 February 2016 at 15:14:40 MST

Now here's a character you don't know at all. This is Fokorix, a traveling fox merchant weilding a katana and he's a character in a friend's story called Alpha Sage, which is another one of Phyrixa's stories that's in the works alongside Shisenota. I don't draw him much (or at all) and I need to....because he's a beautiful character with a beautiful design and I should be really proud of it. Oh, here's the original concept for his design

Yeah, he's actually a goofy and super Asian character, but I decided to depict one of his more serious sides. I also wanted to brush up on my anime screenshot skills, since it's been a really long time since I last did them.

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    I notice the 'Asian' is crossed out, and his outfit seems slightly obsessed with yin/yang like symbols. I also see a Native American Dreamcatcher on his belt/sash/whatever that thing is on his waist.
    I'm slightly confused now, which culture is he more associated with?

    Also, Holy Crap this looks AMAZING!

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      Well the story he's from is actually mostly Naitive American themed, involving spirits and tribes and stuff. The tribe he's in is just a bit more Asian-oriented, as does the country he came from. It's a weird mix, I know XD I joke around say he's pretty Asian not because of his design and his origins in the story, but because of his accent, hat and the way his eyes look when they're closed. LOL