Bnahabros in the Sky by MoonPhyr

Bnahabros in the Sky


5 January 2016 at 01:14:29 MST

As you can see, I have fallen victim to the Monster Hunter universe, MH4U to be exact. This is Quinn here in the Bnahabra armor and the upgraded Stealth Glaive <3 I'm a little too attatched to this armor because it's one hell of a lovely looking suit! For this year, I wanted to practice more on fluidity, and based on how this came out, I think I am on the right track :D

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    That Stealth Glave is pretty big.

    All your characters weapons are huge.
    Now I'm curious. Why is that? Is it the same reason I keep wanting to give my characters Katanas?

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      Also, looking at his clothing just from a mobility standpoint, that is really well made. It opens up under the arms so you can move them in all directions.
      I actually thought this was Digimon related at first because that beetle looks a lot like... Izzy's Digimon, I can't remember the name...

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        Tentomon XD

        And it KINDA is since Quinn is a digimon fan character from a dA RP group. And I don't know why all the weapons are big as hell either. It's kinda silly, but I just roll with it XD A lot of things in Monster Hunter are silly, actually (silly in a funny sense, I mean. Not in a stupid sense....although sometimes that does happen)

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          I just keep seeing your art and imagining somebody saying "These swords aren't good enough. MAKE IT BIGGERRRRRR!!!!!!" XD