Undemonstrated Power by MoonPhyr

Undemonstrated Power


13 November 2015 at 20:07:43 MST

Maybe when the Rhapsody starts singing, the entire world can hear every note.

It all started out as a simple sketch to kill the art block that had plagued me for a certain amount of time.

Then I liked it.
Then I kinda started lining it.
And then I wanted to complete it.
And then I just kept adding and adding and adding. Until I got to the shading process.

If I could describe another part of my style that definitely exclaims "me", other than the art style, it would definitely be shading. What plagued me the most was that I loathed who I was, and my shading style as well. I saw all of my inspirations and I wanted to be just like them. I became stupid and forgot my own advice.

Which I reminded myself of in time.

When I started shading, I took some of the best pieces I have done, and I finally asked myself. "What's wrong with my shading style now? It's bound to improve as I go on, right?" So I embraced who I was and who I will become in the future.

......maybe I embraced myself a little TOO hard XD


Y'know...it's hilarious because it's been almost a year since I made Freezing Hell by Myself, which hilariously also featured Kotaru as my test subject. And like before...I am astounded yet again by the sudden jump in improvement I somehow took. I may have thought about my favorite commission I recieved as inspiration, though lol

Hehe...yep. I am definitely embracing who I am and who I will become. :)

Slowly, but surely, I am getting ahold of myself. Shit will get done, and before you know it

I will be back on track from where I left off.

Not really a spoiler since people already know that he somehow has ice powers. Of course I have an explanation for that.

Kotaru and art was created and done by me~
Art done on Clip Studio c:

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    Nice!!! I wish I could do that, but my characters use Telekinesis instead...
    This is awesome art, and... rather intimidating as well. XD

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      In all honesty, I would prefer to use telekinesis over cryokinesis XD

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        See, some of my characters actually use Telekinesis to fly. They can also make shields, bladed weapons, and projectile assaults by trapping air and compacting it.

        It's not too late to make a character with Telekinesis! That, and it's a bit more plausible than Cryokinesis... ;-D

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          Yes, but for this one, the cryokinesis was always a part of his character, and I can definitely think of sme pretty sick ways to use it. I was simply saying if I had a power I can chose from, I would definitely use telekinesis. :D I hate the cold, anyway lol.

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    OOoh. I dig the choice in perspective.