This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWER by MoonPhyr

This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWER


24 September 2015 at 11:06:12 MDT

I couldn't resist titling it as such >v>lll

This was originally a sketch trade I did with Riza23 on deviantART, but just now I decided to digitalize it as an inbetweener from my commissions and comic art.

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    Almost thought it was going to say "burning red". :)

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      It's clearly yellow LOL I'm actually HORRIBLY uneducated when it comes to Gundam or any references. (the one who's significantly more educated on that would be my boyfriend >w> )

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        It's cool. No biggie. Great piece.

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          Thanks, man XD

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            I'm a woman.

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              Opppppppppppppppps >w>

              (well either way, I call everyone man, bro/bruh, etc. But if you don't want me to, then I'm cool with that :) )

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                Was making a "Dodoria reference" DBZ Abridged. Couldn't help but do it.
                It's all cool.

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                  Pffffffffffft, oh wow. Evidently, I have not explored the internet enough. Thank you though XD

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                    We're in the same boat. I favor comedy and coming across something like DBZ and Hellsing abridged over the past years is something that caught my eye.

                    Among other things: action/adventure, horror, romance are also my cup o' tea,

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                      I watched some of Hellsing abridged. I REALLY need to get on watching DBZ abridged, though. The few times I watched it, it was hilarious as hell.

                      I can only take a certain level of horror, and I'm cool with romance in a story, just not as a main genre I would sit down and watch. Action/adventure with a mix of either sci-fi or fantasy is the way I go. If it's action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy, then consider me sold. Can't stand harems, though. Not that I'm like "ew boobs/abs", it's more like "ugh...REALLY? Can't I sit down and watch something that doesn't involve a super-sexualized lady/man every few seconds?"

                      Problem is I have issues sitting down and watching something all the way through because I'm usually working on a action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy story of my own, and I'm unconsciously always like "every moment I spend sitting on my ass, I better be sitting on my ass doing art". Not that I make it a chore at all. I LOVE working on art for hours on end.

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                        Same here. I'm currently working on a fan comic as well as an original story as well. It involves several story arcs that I want to sell via hard back copies at least.

                        Fan comic stories, however, are usually free due to me not owning the original material. However, unless someone wanted to commission me a comic for them.

                        I prefer my romance and comedy to be the secondary genre while i focus more on action/adventure. That way, you know it's there but it's not really taking up or pandering the course of the story. I prefer getting from point A to Point G without constant filler (or unnecessary amount).

                        My favorite Harem cartoon would be Tenchi Muyo but it was during the time were it was more of a tease but the characters were actually likeable

                        In modern media today, fan-service tends to shoot all over the place. Harems are dry-hump fests, "normal" shows try to be serious when they're really pandering T&A.

                        Though I like my fair share, I'm more sustenance. Give me a real reason to like these characters through their actions. Not really their looks.

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                          Some romantic subplots, if done right, will do the story wonders. XD My main priority lies in an original comic that I also hope to be sold in copies in as many places as possible, while I occupy the rest of my time with RP groups and the like. I'm also in a group of four known as Phyrixa Nocturne and we like working on these stories all together.

                          And I'm with you all the way with that. Nowadays, every harem just looks the same to me XD

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                            That being said; Good luck with your future endeavors.