See You Tomorrow? by MoonPhyr

See You Tomorrow?


27 August 2015 at 01:43:16 MDT

It's like the minute before New Years Day all over again...

Except this time, this is something much, much more.

You only have one year to wonder what the next year will be like? Any new friends? Enemies? Experiences? God-forbid, tragedies...? What about dreams? What all is there to strive for the new year?

Oh wait, it's August 27th...not December 31st.

That's how it is for me. Except instead of one year, this little dream of mine has been around for over six years.

For six long years, all I wanted to do was just make myself known. To show this particular story to the world! Why this story of all the stories I've created?

Because this one...Shisenota....was my saving grace during the most trial year of my life. Tragedy hit my face like a bombshell and changed me forever. It was the world I turned to when I had no one else. Of course, I was pathetic and weak and fell easily to hardships.

But you wanna know who else fell with me?


Out of all the characters I created/recycled for that story, Kotaru evolved when I evolved as a person. He is me, but at the same time, he is not me. It's really weird, but throughout all those years, there was this unknown connection between me and him. I know it sounds really crazy, I mean...a fictional character? A furry? With a connection? C'mon.

But neither of us were on the ground forever....

We both got up.

And we both kept walking.

When I fought, he fought, too.

It was quite a story that has yet to have an ending. A story that needed to be told above all else. A story that connected with me so well, but at the same time...

...a story that I can use to inspire others.

I will write that ending. I depend on him to tell my messages to all who read it as much as he depends on me to write this story and see it through until the very end. This is not only his fight for the new world...

....but my journey to what I believe is my "new world".

And there's no way in hell I'm taking this alone. You're all coming with me one way or another.


We'll see you tomorrow?

(and yes, I did that planet and lens flare by myself)

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    I can honestly say I understand what you mean about your character Kotaru. It's happened to me once too.

    Not only that, but the art is amazing!

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      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thank god I'm not crazy shot jk jk
      Thank you, though! It's also good to know there are some people who understand where I came from :) I'm actually interested in your experiences o3o