MoonFeather anthro full ref sheet by moonfeather

MoonFeather anthro full ref sheet


27 March 2014 at 23:11:32 MDT

This i've been working on since lat year (2013)
Old full ref (alllll forms)

Mooner as you may already know is a polywere and serves as my avatar, (therian) self is non-anthro.
So for easy access for commissioning, gifts etc, here is the full (or as full as I could get) ref of anthro forms.
Including horns/spines/antlers, moonphase forms (for fun) and a sparkley halloweeny coloured version for funsies too.

Mooner is a polywere which means she can shapeshift into multiple forms..BUT only solid or hybrid versions of these animals

As this will be my go-to reference, i'll pop all links t everything to do with it here. (yeah yeah long list) but everything contained within represents 'me' and not just a 'character', with exception to 'fun' versions like halloween and moon-phases (they are just for sillies).

Arabian horse:
(Horse versions kindly drawn by a friend)
King Cheetah
Velociraptor - no image -
Maned wolf (canine thing) (havent figured how to draw her 'were wolf' side yet)

Non anthro Char info:
Non anthro Hybridized forms: (ignore rainbow hair)

Blue mooner concept:
Horn concepts:

Alt or split personalities are as follows: Emotion forms

Deficio/depression: revamp concept to follow
Joy/Impetus: more info to come

Fun images (Me as other species)



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    Wow - you've put a lot of thought into the different forms. My favorite is the blue/yellow body color with the horse tail :)

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      Wow thank you..but uh..don't look XD Your refs are way better <3

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        Ha - well I can't remember a time when I drew the back of Bladewind. It's nice that you have the back and front of every form.

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    That's really cool, that you have such a thorough reference and also the variety of horns and colors. :)