Le warrior by Moogle

Le warrior


29 May 2014 at 01:55:30 MDT

Tradin' warriors with Sam (Sammacha)! Man I was all over the place with this, but the end result I like. :3 Hope I did your sexeh character justice <3 Ah jeez, also, let's not talk about how unrealistic this armour is.. LOL

Think I'll start uploadin some of my previous trades and some future ones, but obviously not today. XD 4am, it's sleepy time! <3

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    What? how did you do such an awesome job so fast? xD Thanks Moogle that is great! Damn I still haven't finished designing your characters armor lmao. And hey, who said this is unrealistic?!? Maybe I am just so damn good that nobody can even touch me!! Looks great its such a pretty design! This colouring style looks really great with you style

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      -hugs- You're most welcome, and thank you! XD I was pretty worried seeing as there wasn't much armour her, but HELL YA YOU DON'T GET HIT, YA GOT LE SKILLS~ ehe :3

      Take your time! :D There's no rush, especially when it comes to your gorgeous designs, I'll gladly be waiting over any amount of time. <3

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    Holy shit this is fantastic. Wasn't this just like a sketch not a few days ago? I also love the dot-matrix style coloring. I forget what that's called.

    Really nice work, and very cleanly drawn!

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      Waha XD Thanks! Your comments are always so kind <3 & yuppers, it was lined a few days ago (which took the longest omg I'm so bad at linework!) I used a texture for the dot thingys, but it worked out to improve the pic :D