The end of the world by MoodyFerret

The end of the world


27 April 2015 at 17:28:01 MDT

I hope it's readily apparent that this is not fetish art and is not intended to glorify Nazis, but have the disclaimer anyway. XP

Earlier this month, ElKit approached me with the suggestion that we do a trade, involving my character Max, that would take us outside of our comfort zones. Since April contains not just Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 16th) but also the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp Dachau (April 29th), he suggested a couple of possibilities involving Max in Dachau or getting captured before being brought to Dachau, and I chose to illustrate the latter.

Max spends over two years being sheltered by a non-Jewish German family, the Hazemanns, before leaving them in 1943 because he's concerned about putting them in danger. A handful of weeks or months or so after leaving them and trying to make his way out of Germany he's apprehended by the Gestapo and SS, as pictured here, and marched to Dachau (ripping the "Judenstern" off his only sweater wasn't enough to save him). Fortunately he survives until the camp is liberated in 1945.

This is the first, and probably the last, time that I'll be drawing Nazi uniforms in this amount of detail, so, please don't commission me for them, and I absolutely will NOT draw Nazi fetish art. >_< I made several adjustments to the gun and uniforms based on comments posted on the lineart, so hopefully it's more historically accurate now.

Closeup of just Max -


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    I've just been reading Maus again earlier today, so this is kind of tying in with that story for me as well. It's pretty depressing. :( You did a fantastic job on the expressions, though, and I like the ripped sweater detail [where the star used to be]. The species choices for the others are nice. No one ever expects to see boars and the GSD is very policey.

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      Thank you! I chose a boar because I was looking through a list of mammalian species in Germany, and realized I'd never drawn any sort of pig before.

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        Well he turned out really well! I would never have guessed it was your first time drawing a piggy type. :)