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Cosplay: Orc King Lv. 30, Dragon Quest series by Monstrohundo

Cosplay: Orc King Lv. 30, Dragon Quest series


A mix of the Orc King from the Dragon Quest series, with the clothing and spear style adapted from the Orc Lv. 20 miniboss in Dragon Quest V.

This had been a VERY on-and-off suit for a few years -- admittedly because I'd been having a lot of trouble getting back into fursuit-making. [And, sadly, I still do! It's kind of a matter of willing myself through my mental blocks, I think.]

It still has a lot of rough edges, and I do want to fix it up further -- but I was able to present it at Nan Desu Kan 2013, and I got 1st Place for Intermediate-Entry Presentation! (There was also Intermediate Craftsmanship and Intermediate Overall.) You can find video of it here, taken by Stitch In Time Costumes:

This suit itself is made from fleece backed by a couple layers of 10oz quilt batting, with a zipper up the side & around the shoulder. I use three pillows as padding: two whole ones for each of the legs, four half ones (two split in half) for the front chest, the back, and each of the shoulders. The boots are vinyl, with removable inflatable balls for padding (which makes them much lighter, and that makes a big difference for walking around), and rubber floor mats for soles. Clothing, including belt, is made with crepe-backed satin on the outside, jacket lining for the inner. Spear pole is a painted cardboard tube; spear ends are 6mm EVA foam.

This photo was taken by SoongDae at Animeland Wasabi 2014! I'm reposting it with his permission. You can find the original here:

Basically, this was practice for the Dragon Quest Archdemon cosplay that I want to make, where I do want to enter it into the Masters category for Nan Desu Kan costume contest, hopefully for 2016. I've learned a lot about where my deficiencies still lie, and I'm giving myself plenty of time to make it, currently sewing together the 160 bumps I've counted across the Archdemon's body (via a Sofubi, or soft vinyl model).

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