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Chapter 1, Start by Monochrome-Fox-41

Chapter 1, Start

Chapter One: The start of a day

There was a start of a day, and I was only waking up to a small bit of rain going tap, tap,

tap on the window pane. I slowly got up from my bed.

Hearing a slight bone in my back pop loudly. Like... a wooden stick

breaking quickly in an open forest, echoing. Then again, it was only the morning.

I slowly opened my blinds by twisting the little stick that is

at the beginning of them. I never really understood how it worked,

then again I only just do little tasks without realizing what they do in the background.

Oh.. sorry I forgot to introduce myself didn't I...

Well it's a pleasure to meet all of you. My name is Devin, I'm a 18 year old fox.

Didn't really take collage mostly for that one reason. For the fact that

teachers and parent's kept pestering about it.

So I only took my own road to figure out my own story's end. I looked over to my clock,

to find out that it was only 8:00 am in the morning. And I was generally feeling horrible like every other morning.

Thankfully it was a Saturday as well as the start of a break,

where I get to stay home for about 10 days or so.

I got up from my soft partly warm bed and out from under a soft blanket.

That was like stroking your fingers across fuzzy string. Or like others may say "touching a cloud".

Haha.. sorry I get to carried away with imagining things sometimes.

As I moved my fingers down my sides slightly feeling my fur that was a mixture of grey and white.

Then looking down at my stomach as it was slightly distended mostly containing my whitish pattern.

I sigh as I felt like the only fox who was grey, black and white with grey colored eyes.

But it's something funny to think about sometimes. Like I'm from those movies where,

all they do is represent voices through dancing and expressing actions and reactions.

And all was draped in nothing but all shades of grey.

Not like that book or movie 50 shades of grey. Dear god I regret watching that.

Now everyone is with the craze of that whole thing. Besides that and besides my colors.

It's nice and not nice at the same time.

Then again no one really cares about color's anymore.

But they will some day, I highly expect it even if I may not be alive to see it.

I then go over to my kitchen leaving my bedroom, going down a very dark and scary hall way.

Like mostly everyone is afraid of because you never know. What might slowly,

creep up on you. From right behind you then take your head down. From where ever you may be and become a reality.

Or touch your shoulder feeling that heavy hot breath against the back of your neck.

Sorry, did I make you turn around? Did I even... frighten you? Heheh, my bad.

I just always like to spook people around to see how they react.

Anyways back to what I was doing as then the sun passed through the balcony glass windowed door.

Illuminating the room with a bright but gentle and soft light.

A shade of yellow with mixtures of other colors for both of my sofas surrounding the tv.

It was already nine, can you believe that? As I slowly turned to my left and slightly flinched.

Frightened at my own sudden reflection in the mirror I forgot I placed there.

As my ears went down and I became very dull and slightly mad at how I got afraid of my own reflection.

As I then sigh continuing to walk to my kitchen and make something.... but I was forgetting something.... a doll...

Chapter 1, Start


21 November 2016 at 11:53:22 MST

So this is a story I just whipped up and it's describing this character. His name is Devin but he has not been created yet. Hope you like this story I made it took a bit of time but oh well. You can't expect me to be good at this yet right? anyways love yaaalll

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