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Moving out and need some extra cash

on 27 March 2014 at 21:36:50 MDT

Hey guys, I'm moving out (unexpectedly) to a new apartment, this is happening much sooner than expected so I'm going to need some extra cash to recover what I had to pay for my first rent+deposit thing and for some simple furniture because besides a bed my new room/studio space has exactly nothing...

So this means discounted commissions are in order! if you are interested I'll be doing a 50% off thing, that means full body characters/pokemayans etc. will be 20USD each (25USD with shading), icons and mayanized character genitals will be 10USD (15USD with shading).

You can grab several slots at a time! if you don't want a commission want to help a fellow artist out you can donate via paypal to monirobot@gmail.com at this point ANY amount helps, to help with groceries and the like, if your donation is on the biggish side you'll surely get a thankyou drawing!

Since my Weasyl is not really in use right now you can find samples of my maya styled works at:
and http://www.furaffinity.net/user/monarobot/
For a swifter reply you can contact me at any of those sites or via email at monirobot@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

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    monaaaaaa HEY!!!!

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    Post here, kind of avoiding FA when it comes to buying commissions, and I REALLY want some from you! D:

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    Glad to see you here, im a big fan :]

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      Thankyou! Hope to start posting some new stuff soon.

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    Is your birthday the 31st of Jan or the 1st of Feb? I'm the 1st, so if you are too, happy belated! XD

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      It's January 31st! but thanks a lot and happy belated birthday to you too.