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The Fla'ndranites (Fla'n-Drac) by ModoTu

The Fla'ndranites (Fla'n-Drac)


Far off in the midst of the mountain ranges, far below the surface, the draconic looking Alazorians is where The Fla'ndranites reside. These are beings of amazing magical capabilities are friend to all who come to their underground temples with non-violent and peaceful needs in mind. (those with violent needs will never find the entrance) The Fla'ndranites shall be gracious to you as you are to them and often some will go out of their way for your concern. They believe this to grant them their peace and reconciliation for all time and shall continue to perform these acts at their leisure or yours. It is not all like this however as often some will take their time to speak with visitors and treat them as people with feelings, stories and the like. Many find even deeper enjoyment with the interactions with non-fla'ndranites and shall do their best to be friends of the visitors.

Last, the eldest and post powerful of the Fla'ndranites, Fla'n-Drac takes role as guide...not leader of the rest. When one, despite being Fla'ndranite or not is in need of aid with their emotions or thoughts, Fla'n-Drac will take the time to walk with them, talk with them; help them calm their distress and form a resolution to their problem that doesn't have to be about death or destruction, but instead through compassion, reason, empathy, and understanding. He deeply believes only through this will Alazoria finally become whole instead of broken up with hostility and hate towards another. Fla'n-Drac has seen enough of that...and he will do his best at a gradual pace to mend the world back together.

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