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A soul that wanders. A soul that is carried on the backs of rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds and at times the ocean.

There is no greater adventure in life than life itself. To ride the currents is to live. To struggle against them is to tell the world that you will not go without a fight. To accept their embrace and go where they may carry is to be humble and curious for what might lie in wait on a path that may not have been chosen by the adventurer.

The journey feels long, though it has been short. Here I stop to rest my weary body and soul. Here I stop to admire the creativity and talent of my fellow beings as I build strength for the next great adventure in this lifetime.

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on 5 August 2014 at 03:20:13 MDT

I wanted to publish the comic on 8/4, and suddenly everything went wrong at work and I had a 16 hour shift. What crappy luck. So close to being done but this last 10% is like pulling teeth apparently! Frustrating.

To make up for it I will now submit the design sketch for one of the other characters that will come later in the comic!

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    You've got a really cute style! Keep it up c;

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      Thank you, you too! I am envious of the liveliness that you are able to give your characters with your style ◉‿◉

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        You're welcome! And thanks! To be honest I just kinda bs that sort of thing in hopes it'll look okay XD Glad it works, ehe!

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    Thanks for following!

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    Thanks for the fave - ! and a welcome from me, too

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    Welcome to Weasyl! :)

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      Thanks! Lots of great art and cool people, seems like a nice place to be :)