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Don't Trust The Art Institutes


31 October 2014 at 21:11:38 MDT

This pretty much sums up my experience with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh: Online Division, whom I've been dealing with for the past week. The advisor I spoke to was polite, but extremely manipulative. His language is essentially like that of a used car salesman. I'm still trying to get off their roster before my "classes" start...

I'm not a great talker, especially on the phone. Not that I don't talk. I talk WAY too much, without really saying anything of value. Except "I don't know what I'm doing, please take advantage of me", apparently. I'm a goddamn pushover with very little self-esteem. I know. It's hard for me to realize that I'm being used until it's too late, but I'm "too nice" to tell people to fuck off when I need to. I'm trying really hard to stop that.

TL;DR: Don't trust the Art Institutes. They'll pressure you, manipulate you, and use guilt to convince you that you need them. You don't. You honestly don't.

For more information about why you shouldn't trust the Art Institutes, give this post a read.

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    I graduated the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2011 with an associates degree in video production. I have not been able to even QUALIFY for jobs afterwards not only because of the area I was in, but honestly, it was because when I was graduating I was so un-confident that I was practically crying when my professor did a practice interview with me. Every class I had was an introductory class. One class for things such as editing, graphics, script-writing, cinematography, etc. How the FUCK can a person try out for a job at, say, a news station, with the only experience being a class that was one five hour session a week through thirteen weeks? I couldn't even look for intern work because it was all for college students. I can't move out of my parents' house because of this debt.

    The only good things that came out of that experience were my friends that I made and being able to live in Downtown Pittsburgh for two years.

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    I can attest and relate to this perfectly as well. My last full year of high school I applied to get info pamphlets and such from the various Institutes and art schools around the country. A week later they started flooding our mailbox but one of them seemed promising; a veritable tome with lots of beautiful campus pictures and samples of the students' works in it from the San Francisco Art Institute. Since I only live about a 5 hour drive out of Frisco, after that Christmas we went down there. They had this open house thing going where they give you a deal on staying in one of the dorms for a couple days while you get the grand tour of all of their buildings and satellite buildings.

    I've never been under so much pressure before, especially since I had a parent with me. It was so overwhelming and when I finally got to talk to one of the course advisers I swear I was going to throw up. He talked exactly like the guy that talked to you; the urging, the coercing into being in such-and-such classes and that it was my future and that NOW would be the best time to decide because then I could have my pick of the Fall classes etc etc.

    The trip was amazing and memorable, but so was that visit, but probably not for the same reasons and not nearly as positively. I never looked back from that, with their fully-equipped labs and furnished study rooms. I ended up going to a community college right here in my hometown instead and even though I screwed a lot of that up (another story) the overall experience didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth and a mountain of debt to climb. That is an excellent article that I intend to help circulate. I'm sorry to hear how horrible of an experience that interview was for you and I hope you can find a better and far more suitable alternative for your future, whenever you're ready for it.

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    Jesus, hun, I'm sorry you had to put up with this...

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    Holy fuck D: I can't believe how freaking of an AWFUL person that guy is! If that's how they talked to you and they treat you.
    I can understand someone not fully understanding mental health problems as those, but as you wrote on the description, that is seriously manipulative. They took advantage of your problems at the time to guilt you and pretend that they misunderstood what you said as "well if what you say is thay you don't want to come at all then...". That type of behavior is literally abuse, the same type of thing many abusive people use in their relationships.
    Even if it's completely disrespectful and dumb to treat other people's mental problems as something they "need to grow up" from, I can understand the mentality. However, all the behavior you talk about there, it is clear to the person that they aren't oblivious to what is actually happening, and that they are taking advantage of it, specially after well, you telling em that you suffered traumatic experiences and them still going at it.

    I hope you found a way to have gotten rid of it, I'm sorry you went through such horrible experiences recently and on the past :c

    Also sorry for having found this so recently and not having commented on it back then

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      Yeah, I just wish I could have backed out sooner, before it caused me a load of emotional distress. It was all such balls. This was an actual part of our last conversation. A few days later I talked to his manager, and she said that she's known the guy for a very long time and he's a good guy and he wouldn't ever do that out of malice, yadda yadda, and started to pull the same shit he did. I was pretty done by that point so I managed to stop her and I told her that my feelings about the guy didn't matter, I just wanted out of the program, and I did my best to ignore her spiel of "we're sorry to lose you" or whatever. So, last I heard, my application was cancelled.

      It was pretty confusing, though. The guy I spoke to had me believing that I was ready, I was in. Nothing had suggested otherwise. But his manager was telling me that they'd have to do all these other things first and my application hadn't even been looked at yet. So, yeah. I dunno. Whatever.

      The delay is okay by me, of course. It's a thing that happened that I'm still open to discussion about, even if the event has been over for a little while.

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    God, I remember hearing about this sort of mess on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. These people that do this are disgusting. Especially when it's not just art institutes that do this crap either, it's all for-profit places. :(