fencemaze by mobilevortextex



4 January 2018 at 18:57:04 MST

"ow my head" I think about the smell of damp decaying metal when i draw is- is that weird?
a large horizontal and vertical crimson red fence maze stretching for miles you can almost see the sun...

sorry for the poor quality photo i had to use my phone because the drawing would not for the life of me fit in the damn scanner not sure if this looks good or not but it's somthin worked on it for a month going back from time to time. :^)

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    Your works remind me of a lot of old 80's mature comics, graphic novels of classic series. Your work has this charm and sharp focus in these things is serious worldbuilding I'm enjoying.

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      Thanks! ^^ i will defiantly focus more on backgrounds, i see alot of artists creating wonderful characters but i never see anyone draw in a fitting world to go with it. It's really fun too i like drawing messy, cluttered, surreal, and dark landscapes with slightly foreboding lighting. :}

      The character is actually from my comic called slices a very good assumption :P and i absolutely love mature comics/ manga! cerebus is the only 80's comic i can think of that is fantastically drawn; blacksad is also a good one but it was made in the 2000's i have lots of favorite mangas tho. now i wanna make a comic :'-(

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        Thats the sweet tea one whos name keeps eluding me! Your works remind me more of an independant version of Cerebus, but with more care for the fashion of the whole world. Memory lane feels more yellowbrick road of your works for me...but thats just me ahaha.

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          One drawing can't explain a whole lot about the "world" so let me entertain you.