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Hello beautiful - colour by Mkananoja

Hello beautiful - colour


drawn December 6, 2009


well this one is the coloured one of the piece i submitted to velixer's genderbender contest with my awesome NOT skills xD

i leave up to him to decide whenever he accept this as a part of the contest or not.

anyway ^^

may i present Flame and Ember!!

Anyway, they are such lovely bunch now dont ya think?
especially Male!Ember with his(!) heart pendant! xD

Looks like whatever happened to them caugh them by surprice, tough Ember seems to recovered first, and having all the new kinds of hormones running in his (xD) veins he cant control himself and since bugging the Spyro is now out of the question (not really, but I wont go there xD) there is no-one to bug about. But there is one beautiful dragoness just paw-reach away. Flame doesnt seem to be too keen about this turned around new found affection however. Poor girl xD


Ember and Flame belongs to istomaniac
Art belongs to me! >=3
one who comes to fold my dried laundry gets this 1,5L fanta as his/her own.