Tears of lost hope by Mkananoja

Earth ahead of her lies razed and scorched. Her former enemies lies down numb, breathless, lifeless.

The very life have fled the land here and far as she could see... or remember. Ashes have replaced green soft grass and gentle breeze changed into cold and hostile. Rivers are dry and now they are nothing else but scars on already dead land. What was supposed to be most beautiful forest never imaginable is now nothing else but painful monument of how things should have been. Sky what supposed to rival the very blue of sapphire is now dark red at day... or what is supposed to be a day and night where darker than emptiness she now felt in her hearth, not even stars she barely remember anymore is nowhere to be seen and moons... those twin moons she loved to watch when not occupied by deeds needed to be done, where now tinted to mimic the depressing colorless land she now sees under her pawns.

Is this what she wanted? Something she have worked hard to achieve is now there and now... was it worth it? She have done everything her master never wished for and this is the grant prize, the trophy for her deeds? To live in land where life is nothing but a history now?

Tear fled from her eye as she faintly remembered the live she oath to destroy so long ago. Oh how much she wanted to go back in time and change all that. If the very life of her would have been the prize to keep the land how it has been long ago... she would not hesitate to pay it. But now it was too late. live would never return on this world and those mindless minions of hers seek restlessly any sight of the remaining hope and crushed it once they have found it.

Second tear dropped on ashes between her forelegs. Strong as she has been forced to be is breaking up. Her master had no use for her any longer and his corrupting influence what would have kept her emotionless is now gone. She closed her eyes since more she watched, more it hurt to see what she have done.

Third tear escaped and her black serpent like body, twisted image of gorgeous young drakoness fell on ground; sobbing ever so faintly. She has never felt such sorrow, agony, the very mournful feeling she feels now. She knew she deserved it and let herself sink even deeber.

Tears of lost hope


5 August 2014 at 04:10:36 MDT

Written October 21, 2008

This just hit into my mind when listening some punk rock and I had to write it down b'fore I would have lost it.

Cynder belongs to universtal
this small piece of text belongs to me <3

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