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Emotional Support Lemur by mk0987

Emotional Support Lemur


made by Dazed-and-wondering and this is an adorable pic she did for me of tangle comforting whisper after Whisper had a bad nightmare... in my canonical universe whisper and tangle are adopted by jared and gaige as sisters in a way... i got a perfect cute dialogue for it below with a song in the background and btw this takes place a couple weeks after this said fic event i did:

-that night in tangle and whisper's room a couple weeks after being adopted by Jared and Gaige-

Whisper: -tossing and turning in her sleep and sits up screaming Tangle's name and looks around herself and pants in cold sweat and then suddenly breaks down crying and feels someone hugging from behind to see its tangle who is hugging her in an instant of her wrapping her tail around and then continues to cry-

Tangle: -hugging her close-

-insert Never forget(midnight version): -

Whisper: -crying-

Tangle: -hugging whisper comforting her and letting her know everything is okay and such that it was just a dream and such- its alright i’m here.... shhh... its just a dream....

Whisper: -crying hugging tangle back by hugging her tail-

Tangle: let it all out... shhhhh

Whisper: -letting it all out and such as she stays close to her not letting go-

Tangle: -nuzzles her-

Whisper: -nuzzles back as her crying slowly starts to subside as the song itself in background slowly subsides-

-an hour later-

Jared: -walks in to check on the girls as he heard the scream earlier and peeks into their bedroom and smiles because Tangle comforted Whisper as he heard crying earlier an hour ago and walks into their room and tucks them in and pets both of them softly who has fallen asleep in whisper's bed and heads back to bed-

Whisper and Tangle: -asleep together cuddled close-

-end of dialogue-


Whisper and Tangle(C)IDW Comics/SEGA

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