Foxie Merchant by MizuSilverwolf

Foxie Merchant


23 May 2016 at 19:32:08 MDT

This has been in the works for a long time now. I needed something to do, and a serious distraction before bad shit happened again. I wanted to work on vent art, but i couldnt finalize any ideas. Very irritated and lost and confused right now. I have no idea where i stand right now or how to feel about anything, just stuck -sighs- everything feels much like a puzzle, and im trying to figure out where i fit in right now. Everything hurts and feel numb, its just so..

Anyway, if you've played or seen Resident Evil 4 played, you kno who fox here is basically cosplaying. The merchant! I lover the merchant XD hes so fucking creepy >.> but you cant do the game without this basturd. He's altered to fix fox and his...type of products XD lovely lovely toys and bundles of rope. And my sad attempt of paddles >.> I realized everything was a little too small proportion wise, and tried to fix it, but i couldnt make the whips any bigger without fucking with everything else and removing them. i really like the final results, fox looks slightly creepy, and the shading looks good.

Fappy©fappythefox on FA
Digital Version©mizusilverwolf
Original sketch©kinny_stormheart on FA

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    Yes! The merchant is creepily awesome! "Stranger stranger! Now that's a tool!" xD

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      He was always my favorite going through the game x3

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        Same here. It's one of the reasons I like RE4.