Anthro Neir by MizuSilverwolf

Anthro Neir


23 May 2016 at 19:24:43 MDT

I finally got around to drawing this girly! Bought her for a friend a while ago and said i would draw her X3 I've been avoiding it for so long XD the multiple eyes and bug like aspects threw me off, and was out of my comfort zone. Well, challenge accepted! I do think this came out REALLY well, seeing as it was a whole new species to work with, and her coloration combo and the way it blended x3 Her colors though, are perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day. I might draw her again for that day, havent decided yet :P All in all, she was alot of fun to draw and definitely worth all the pain im currently feeling in my hand XD Time it took to make her from start to finish: 4 1/2 hours x.x She's gorgeous and i adore the hell out of her! She reminded me of a flower when i first saw her x3 Happy that we managed to snag her in the end :P Im hoping to do more with her in the future x3

Neir©fappythefox on FA
Spicadoramais Species©lyco-the.derpboy on FA (They are a closed species)
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