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Sockpaw progress 1 by Misty Wolf

Sockpaw progress 1

Misty Wolf

Okay guys! everything is on a roll. Here are my bases for my adorable sock paws!

The socks have been modified to allow for free movement of both the big and little toes, allowing the feet to be a little more expressive. the shape of the toe actually fits around my own toes, so its naturally articulated movement. The toes are carved of a spungy styrofoam using an electric hot knife...I will have to remember to do this in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, next time. Fumes BAD!

after the glue stage the toes have been reinforced with duct-tape all the way around them. this makes the holes my toes fit into more comfortable and easier to slide into since they are more defined. its also makes an even base that i can sew fabric around (and too) as need be.

the socks fit fabulously into standard flip-flops, though i might buy up a size to fit better. you can wedge your foot into the shoe while still wearing sockpaws, but its easier to put the sock paw in place first then slide your foot into both the shoe and the paw in one movement. I'm really excited about having shoes i like, walking around the con in-suit will be no more difficult than out of suit and I don't have to be completely flat footed. These shoes are wedge style, I could probably wear kitten heeled flip flops as well.

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