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Welcome! I'm a bubbly, chubby, fun-loving panda with a strong dominant side. I'm an artist, trying to branch out to some other sites to gain some more exposure and share my art! Please bear with me while I get everything put together.

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Summer Games Done Quick!

on 26 July 2015 at 12:45:13 MDT

Hey everyone! Some of you might remember that I was away in January for Awesome Games Done Quick. Well, now it's time for it's summer version in Minneapolis, Summer Games Done Quick!

This is a charity speedrunning event that is livestreamed 24/7 for about a week. It raises money for Doctors Without Borders. It's really cool to watch all of the runners. I have several friends that are attending, including zik and tigerinspace, Tiger will actually be running a game tonight around 2:30am EST. She's going to be playing Silent Hill 2. I am very excited to see her run!

So yeah! Watch and enjoy. The schedule of games can be found here:

There's something for everyone, from old Nintendo classics to some newer games. There's a horror block, a Disney block, some Sonic and Zelda games, Megaman, Pokemon, etc. Literally games from every genre and platform.

It's super cool. You can donate straight to the charity from the website, but there is also cool merchandise on sites such as The Yetee and SomethingArtistic that will donate proceeds.

Watch some games and go fast! Runs begin at 1pm EST today!

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