M I S S I O N F A I L E D by Mistress-Phantom



2 July 2019 at 15:27:55 MDT

A joint commission drawn by the always incredible Ryner-E!

Phantom pulled the security guard in close. She had a wide strip of tape over her packed mouth. The CEO grabbed a marker and tried to draw lips on the silver surface, but wasn't nearly smooth enough, and Phantom wasn't quite up to the task. She settled on a smiley face. Close enough.

"Over here, V! She's ready!

Lady Violi stepped over to the guard and whipped out her phone.
Firmly squishing the tape-tied and heavily gagged guard between the women, Violi and Phantom posed.

"All right. Say 'mmf'!"

The guard blushed and said nothing, squinting as the flash from the selfie highlighted the room.

Nekora flipped through folders on desks with amusement. "Aria, when's the last time you actually filed paperwork?"

"Huh?" Aria was busy taping the legs of another guard. The poor woman was already mummified from the neck down before being bent into a fetal position. Aria had found a cozy nook under the desk and was making sure that security wouldn't be calling out for reinforcements.

"Like, actual paperwork."

"What, you mean like trying to divert funds from my CEO's bank account to private projects? Or "accidentally" ordering that she be abducted and brought to my office?"

Nekora shook her head. "I mean like, on paper. With a pen and an outbox and a filing system."

Aria slapped one more strip of tape over the squirming captive and patted it down. Save for her nose she was now completely coated in shining silver. "...do Ihavean outbox?"

The four visitors to Oasis Industrieswere luxiriating in what had been, thus far, a complete and utter success in its purpose and mission. The purpose had been an evening out. Phantom had invited three friends for a night out. There wouldn't be any music or drinking - instead, Phantom, Violi, Aria, and Nekora would be breaking and entering Oasis's main office.

Ownership had recently transferred from the elder Belle to the youngerMitre D. Belle. They'd made some aggressive moves in the same markets as MirageCorp. Phantom and their new CEO, Mitre had tussled a few times, with Phantom always coming out on top. She didn't see Oasis as a competitor so much as a competition - "how many times could Phanny win before Oasis changed their name and closed up shop?"

It was Friday night, and Saturday evening there was to be some big reveal of a new piece of tech - the "Oasis PCGDS,"their new pistol-calibre gas dispersal system. Phantom had established herself firmly in the self-defense marketspace, and by stealing a copy of the design specs, she could have a competing model out by the end of the week - and after some reverse engineering, she could maybe make it cheaper, too.

A girls' night had been on the calendar. So, Phantom reasoned, why not do both?

Violi helped provide the outfits. Skintight, sensitive, and shiny - as well as invisible to the infrared spectrum - the spy outfits took a blissfully long time to get right. There had been plenty of customizing, careful selection, and a delightful afternoon of dressing before they set out.

Phantom had made sure to hit the office with the least security during the day, reasoning that it'd be even more empty at night. They struck with speed, finesse - and plenty of gadgets. And just like that, the office's few security guards were all carefull bound up for the spies' viewing pleasure.

Violi gently patted one guard's cheek before taking another photo. "You did a fine job! But you really had no chance. I'll tell you what - tell us where the blueprints are, and I let you go."

"Mmmfff-mmmff! Mmmgh-hmm!"

"Not cooperating, eh? Very well."

Aria was rifling through an R&D engineer's desk - she'd found an above-average "fun size" chocolate and was hoping she'd find more. A thick binder with digital copies inserted inside - this must be it!

Nekora took a half-second to flip through and confirm its contents. She gave Phantom a nod and a grin, and all four prepared to leave.

They didn't make it to the door. They didn't even make it out of the hallway. The "Oasis Cobra" tile system had the lot of them squirming on the floor before any of them could chastize Phantom for her poor operational security.


Mitre looked at her four new captives, each of them tightlybound andthoroughlygagged. Her office was singing with their muffled moans.

She turned to the other two residents of her office, her two pet mice.

"So? What should I do with them?"

The mice chirped affectionately.

"Dearie me. Did you say what I think you said?"

Another cute chirp, this time interrupted by Phantom's loud, unwholesome moan.

"If that gag isn't sufficient, we can make proper arrangements," she said. "Now, since y'all were so unkind to me and my staff, I do have to make some sort of reparation."

Aria arched her back, straining against her bonds. The latex made a delightful stretching sound.

"In about sixteen hours, I'm going to have a launch party for my newest product. And you four aregoingto be there, whether you like it or not."

More gagged groans from all four women.

"Let's see... the green one, you get to be a stress reliever. The guards described you spending a few minutes explaining how much fun it is to be a nice plaything? Well, your wish is my command." Nekora huffed.

"Purple one - Miss Violi - you're going to make a great decoration. Red one, Aria - you look like you're going to do a great job as a cocktail server. And don't worry if you don't know anything about serving..."

Mitre produced a series of headsets. "These conditioning units should give you all the skills and obedience you'll need for the weekend. I'll admit, I'm curious to see what happens - domme goes in, and a cute little servant comes out. Ah, but I'm almost forgetting..

Phantom's eyes were aflame.

"...I'd hate to simply let the world know that you were intruding on my office. So I suppose we can arrange an anonymizing hood. But you'll be there as my trophy during the entire press release. Every moment of the show, they'll see you and your pale skin. Anyone in the know will immediately see thatyouhave been reduced to my obedient little slave. But I know you're going to like it, deep down, the whole way through. Why else would you have come here?"

From left to right: Aria Warden, Nekora, Phantom, and Violi

Also featuring Mitre D. Bel, belonging to Lilian Tanver

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