Art by the river by MistingWolf (critique requested)

Art by the river (critique requested)


14 April 2016 at 19:04:31 MDT

I like a calm environment, with some upbeat music when I draw. Vapor likes water. So, here she is on a sandy strand of river. It's been a while since I did a full page, full scene like this.

I chose an older sketch to lay on over the notepad. I'll be using this as my streaming pic in the future, so look to the notebook for that day's current pic. :D

For the textures, I cheated a little, I guess. For the rock, I simply colored directly on top of my work space, which is a bit bumpy. For the sand, I colored on the back of the sketchpad. The sand turned out a little too geometrical, but it's not so bad. If I were braver, I would have added some more shading and lighting, but I was afraid to ruin it.

9x12, PrismaColor Softcore pencils, Micron Ink pens, and a white gel pen on sketch paper.

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    "Okay pen, I took you outside. Now draw."

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      Exactly Draws ALL the things!

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    MInd drawing!
    This is really neat! And the whole idea with using different surfaces to add texture--I'll have to try that someday. L=

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      Using mist, actually. XD

      Thanks! Yeah, I have this really old table, so... I thought I would give texturing a shot. The rock came out nice, and I'm seriously regretting that water, but I've learned a lot since then!