Fursona Reference! [Blake] by MisterEclipse

Fursona Reference! [Blake]


1 February 2015 at 15:50:26 MST

finally got around to making my reference sheet for this lil' bugger. =u= Overall, I'm fairly satisfied with the results, though the line art could have been better in my opinion.

I don't know what height to make him. :I I'm 6' 0" in real life, and that's how tall I would like him to be, but I kinda drew him shorter than that. Hows about we call it undecided and have it depend on the picture. =u= In the mage drawing, he looks more 6 foot-ish than he does here, where he looks mid to low 5 foot-ish.

Also, I decided to keep the eye patch. ouo;; It really grew on me, and it's become attached to his personality, in my mind.

Yeah. o3o Here he his, in all his freckled, fluffy feline glory. Enjoy~