Sugar Skul by MissMonie

Sugar Skul


25 August 2018 at 22:37:29 MDT

Kind of reused an old pose from a few Halloweens back but this was fun to do.

I can't remember what made me decide to draw Katrina dressed as a sugar skull but I enjoyed it. I know they're usually a bit more colorful than she is but I kind of mixed a few things between a party and a funeral. Like the veil.
A friend actually did offer the idea of Katrina being a memory for her own death as well as her family. I had sort of in a tiny way thought of that in the colors I used. Which are the teal, gold, and black. The red was added later.

Each color (excluding red) is for a deceased female member of Kat's family. The black is for her grandmother, the gold for her mother, and the teal for Katrina herself. The red was added later when the same friend mentioned a lot of colors were done in fours. Red is for the person who ended up being the death of Katrina. That's why it's used so sparingly on her nails, cheeks, and two roses.

I'll start the next costumed character soon. Maybe Toren dressed as a belly dancer.

Katrina belongs to me.

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