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Hey guys! This is MischievousRaven, and I initially started submitting my digital artwork on another site (DeviantArt), but am looking to expand my audience and thought I'd give Weasyl a chance; I've heard good things!
Most of my work is posted on DeviantArt, but I am hoping to submit here as well.
Here's some links for you! c:

My DeviantArt account:

Commissions are open, and commission information can be accessed here:

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Have any other questions? Here;s a FAQ:

Please bear with me as I am new here and it may take a bit of time for me to get the jist of things. ^-^

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Dreaming Ahead (Please Read)

Hello loves!

please note, the words below are in regards to my personal life; I'm sorry if anyone is offended/put-off/etc!

So, I've been toying with the idea of posting on this issue or not, but I've finally decided to do so. Mind you, it isn't an "issue," per say, but rather the future/dreams in general! So, without further ado:

As many of you probably know, I am very blessed to have completed my bachelor of science degree in Biology. My degree is emphasized in Ecology/Wildlife Conservation, and my minor is in Sociology (I particularly enjoy studying anthropological aspects of social-related issues). I've participated in multiple long-term wildlife-related studies and conservation-related efforts, such as studying and sampling the longitudinal distribution of darters (fish) in a midwestern USA watershed (great indicators of stream health), compiling data and ultimately offering conclusive evidence to suggest the means of the colonization and survival of aquatic species found in a prairie wetland (that dries up for multiple months of the year-- how did aquatic species get there with no direct water route?!), helping the State determine age of legally-harvested native cervids, working in a wildlife rehabilitation hospital and aiding in the medical treatment and release of several native species back into their natural habitat, working with a variety of captive wildlife (including training and flying eagles, owls, falcons and the like!) that are utilized in conservation education, and so many more memories I'm so so humbled and blessed to have participated in. I put my all into obtaining my Biology degree: I graduated with multiple biology-related experiences, was accepted into an honors society and graduated with a high GPA. I worked, volunteered, interned, and tutored during those four years. I was determined to succeed!

But, it is time for me to turn another page in my life's book:

This autumn, I'll be applying for a masters program (that I would begin in summer 2016) that, if I'm accepted, will allow me to continue my studies and simultaneously allow me to become licensed in teaching 9th-12th grades in Biology. I would love to be able to utilize my skills and experience towards teaching these soon-to-be young adults, encouraging that same love and passion towards wildlife and other science-related concepts. I plan on "bringing it"-- putting all I can into this dream of mine to succeed, just like I did with my biology degree. However, the costs associated with the application process, let alone the tuition if I were to be accepted, is staggering!

One of the ways I'm combating these high expenses is by offering commissions here. To further make commissioning me worth your while, I'm offering everyone a "25% off" coupon for any commission they please-- one per person! Please know that commissions purchased will ultimately go towards the application process of this masters program. I'm a (very) struggling university graduate with a wealth of experiences and a heart full of passion, and I'd love it if I could have this dream of mine realized! <3

Commission information can be found here:

And, last but certainly not least, know that despite what life may hold for me, I never plan on leaving art. It's an integral part of me that I enjoy. My time spent doing art pretty much began because I used art as my "escape" during my undergrad days. It helped me vent, helped me de-stress, helped me smile! I could never, ever leave that behind. :)

Thank you all for reading. <3


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