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Don Montego's Fighting Squad 02 by Mirumoto_Kenjiro

Don Montego's Fighting Squad 02


Don Carlos Montego is a Colombian-born magnate in various business fields, mainly the mining of precious stones like emeralds. He began as a single worker in his own mine, where he discovered a rich vein of the rare “trapiche” emerald. With rising sales, he purchased more mines and hired workers, and had the old mines improved for safety, reducing accidents by large percentages. It was then he started having trouble with criminals moving in on his enterprise: From bandits demanding protection money, to cartels trying to claim his mines, and insurgents attempting to kidnap him & his family for ransom. When his uncle’s family was murdered in an attempted kidnapping, Montego decided to make a change.

He used his funds to hire Tempest Industries, a private military contractor, to train a new security force to protect his interests, his workers, and their families, to instant affect. Attacks since has been reduced and easily repelled, thanks to Tempest training, Colombian-supplied equipment, and workers’ loyalty to Montego, hence his new honorific title “Don Montego”. This powers his new ambitions, and puts him on the “offensive”.

He started by buying many more emerald mines and hires whole villages to work them, also improving their lives with better wages and mine safety measures, in some cases the villagers gave up working for illicit trades for a better future. And then he has Tempest train for him a “commando” force to not only prevent attacks, but hunt down gangs, cartels, and rebels operating in his growing territory. He had even taken over several coca groves to replace them with food crops and stem the tide of cocaine manufacturing. Some government officials from Colombia & the United States fear he might become a warlord, and have placed his operations under constant investigation. However, he has been found to have been assisting in the country’s economy and won support from the people.

A standard fighting squad of his personal security in plain clothes, often operating out of villages, towns, & some major cities, usually as emergency reaction or clandestine/undercover. Despite no higher command structure, multiple squads can quickly coordinate with each other to outmaneuver their attackers. A squad consists of a squad leader, a machine gunner, a grenadier, and four riflemen.

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