Dominio Army Light Infantry 01 by Mirumoto_Kenjiro

Dominio Army Light Infantry 01


1 September 2019 at 03:41:37 MDT

Back to another piece of my Terrea project, this time putting more into the information of my creations.

Dominio de Seilles, also known as the Kingdom of Seilles or the Dominion, is a country on the western coast of the southern continent of Aaros, bordering south of the occupied territories of the Narxxus Empire. Completely sealed within a massive wall fortification, the Walls, and nearly completely isolated from the outside world, Seilles’ technology & infrastructure evolved differently, with new power sources, materials for construction, transportation, and unique defensive weaponry.

The kingdom’s extreme isolationist policy deters many forms of international dialogue, and fiercely guards its territory against all would-be invaders. One persistent adversary is Narxxus, who claims Seilles lands as their own ancestral dominion, and had launched numerous attacks at the Walls, only to be repulsed by the unique air defenses and stalwart warriors. Since then, the borders remain contested by Narxxus attempts to breach the Walls and the growing presence of refugee camps of people fleeing from occupied lands of the Empire.

A squad of the Royal Army's light infantry, mobile to deploy quickly to any sector of the kingdom's domain where troops are needed the most.

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