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Guardians of the Palms Hunters by Mirumoto_Kenjiro

Guardians of the Palms Hunters


Another silly big project that's gonna take a couple years to flesh out...

1975, Los Angeles, California. A violent anti-government group, called the Symbiosis Liberation Army, raided the California Army National Guard armory in Riverside, stealing heavy weapons to add to its arsenal, and launched a coordinated assault across Los Angeles. This prompted immediate reactions from other radical organizations to launch their own campaigns against society. Outgunned & outnumbered, the local law enforcement and their civilian support must hold off the onslaught until reinforcements arrive...

The Guardians of the Palms is an underground militia, made up of former soldier veterans from the last war, and finding themselves in a volatile homeland upon their return. Over time, they stockpiled their armory through smuggled weapons, and trained themselves in urban warfare. Even with military hardware, they turn away explosives, as it would cause unnecessary collateral damage. Despite trying to keep themselves a secret and with a purpose of protecting the public, the FBI at least is aware of their existence and has them closely monitored.

The "hunter" teams consist of 5-man teams: One marksman, a machine gunner, and three riflemen. Their primary mission is to seek out activities of criminal groups and either call in reinforcements or in fewer cases call the police.

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