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Road Rovers Rescue Brigade by Mirumoto_Kenjiro

Road Rovers Rescue Brigade


Finally, a set of my own team of Road Rovers! These guys were more of a secondary team created on a whim, and then I was able to think up some stories to put them in the spotlight. Anyway, here's the whole story:

SUMMARY: While the other Road Rover teams were created to stop crime and battle evil, the Rescue Brigade was especially created to handle rescue and relief missions. With advanced training and equipment from the U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard, Federal Fire Department, Emergency Medical Transportation, and National Wildfire Department, the team is prepared for any man-made and natural emergency.

EQUIPMENT: All of their equipment & vehicles are in red, yellow, & silver paint, and no other Rover groups are permitted to use them. They use vehicles more modeled after existing versions used for rescue missions, but with better capabilities.

NAME: Sparky
AGE: 37 in dog years
SPECIES: Dalmation Cano-Sapien (Fire Elemutant)
ORIGIN: New York, New York, United States
ACCENT: Brooklyn (Light)
SKILLS/POWERS: Although he cannot generate fire from thin air, Sparky can manipulate existing fire to his will, diverting it away from where he wants to go. With his bionic right arm, he can lift anything as heavy as 10 tons.
WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Customized firefighter equipment: Shielded oxygen tank w/ mask molded for canine face & separate breathing apparatus, titanium fire hatchet, fireproof communication system
DESCRIPTION: White fur w/ black spots, light brown eyes, black nose, 6’, medium-light build, bionic prosthetic right arm, yellow & silver Road Rover armor
PERSONALITY: Sparky is loyal, determined, protective of team and innocents, and he hates arson.
HISTORY: Sparky was the proud son of a New York Fire Department mascot, Neptune, and grew up at his side at the fire station. Sparky was at the fire station when his father shared the fate of thousands of lives at the Twin Towers during the infamous attacks. After the burial, Sparky quickly went into training as a service dog to find trapped people in hazardous places. During one fire emergency, while he was on the scent of a family trapped inside a smoke-filled room, a large piece of the flaming ceiling came down on him and crushed his front leg. The human firefighters behind Sparky were quick to save him and the family he tried to rescue, but it was too late to save his leg. Retired from service, Sparky remained eager to help people, when he was called on by the Master and became a Road Rover with a bionic arm for many uses. He now leads a team of specialists whose primary function is rescuing others during disasters.

NAME: Diver
AGE: 35 in dog years
SPECIES: Flat-Coated Retriever Cano-Sapien (Metabolyst)
ORIGIN: Unknown, Wisconsin
ACCENT: American
SKILLS/POWERS: Diver can breathe underwater as well as he can breathe air. He could also swim as fast as an Olympic swimmer and as deep as a professional diver. He has been officially trained as a member and graduate of the United States Coast Guard.
WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Customized underwater oxygen tanks w/ multiple breathing apparatuses, life jackets/preservers, portable sonar detector, customized jet ski w/ grappling hooks, safety lines, extra life jackets, & rescue board. For casual moments, he has a personal customized surfboard.
DESCRIPTION: Black fur, brown eyes, 6’, medium build, yellow & silver Road Rover armor OR yellow & silver custom scuba jumpsuit
PERSONALITY: Diver is calm, serene, helpful, and fearless against storms and water creatures. Although he can tolerate extreme cold, he favors sunny summers on the beach.
HISTORY: Diver was born to swim, even being able to swim when he was only a few months old. Since then, he was raised to be a certified lifeguard at the local pond, and became very popular for his merits of saving others. He truly earned his stripes when he rescued a drowning sailor who had fallen overboard during a winter storm. It was afterward that he was called upon by the Master to be a member of the new Rescue Brigade, where his talents are most needed. As a Rescue Rover, he was granted to train and become an even greater rescue swimmer.

NAME: Rocky
AGE: 34 in dog years
SPECIES: Great Pyrenees Cano-Sapien (Metabolyst)
ORIGIN: Normandy, France
ACCENT: French (medium)
SKILLS/POWERS: Rocky has the ability and strength to climb cliffs like a spider.
WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Professional rock-climbing equipment, safety/rescue harnesses, first-aid kit
DESCRIPTION: Off-white fur, brown eyes, 6’, heavy build, heavy paunch, yellow & silver Road Rover armor
PERSONALITY: Rocky is bold, fearless, adventurous, and loves the outdoors. When on break from being a Rescue Rover, he enjoys teaching children to have fun outside and help them to overcome their fears. He has a habit of singing songs in French while climbing.
HISTORY: Although he was born by the beach side, Rocky lived for the high mountains of France. He was raised for herding, but he spent more time mastering rock climbing, often getting stuck in strange places in his earlier years. With proper training from mountain rescue units living near his home, he became a proficient rock climber. His skills were put to the test when he had rescued two children from a sheer cliff in a gorge. This earned him a place in the Master’s specialist group of rescue canines.

NAME: Gina
AGE: 29 in dog years
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Samoyed Cano-Sapien (Healer)
ORIGIN: British Columbia, Canada
ACCENT: North American
SKILLS/POWERS: Gina has the ability to heal moderate injuries with her paws. She is also expertly trained with emergency medical training and veterinary training.
WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Advanced medical first-aid & emergency kit
DESCRIPTION: White fur, brown eyes, 5’8”, athletic build, yellow & silver Road Rover armor, matching medical coat
PERSONALITY: Gina is compassionate & cheerful, and is fiercely devoted to helping others, for which she could be demanding and taking charge.
HISTORY: Gina was trained to be a therapy dog for hospitals and similar institutions, and saw much that happened in the emergency rooms. While visiting the sick and the injured, she carefully watched how the doctors work and memorized them. One day, she used her new found skills to save her owner’s grandfather from death, and she was praised for her heroism. This also had her chosen by the Master to become a new Rescue Rover. Now she serves as the lead medic of the Rescue Brigade.

NAME: Wally
AGE: 50 in dog years
SPECIES: Bloodhound Cano-Sapien (Metabolyst)
ORIGIN: Unknown, Georgia, United States
ACCENT: Georgian
SKILLS/POWERS: Wally has a super strong sense of smell, even for bloodhounds.
WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Magnifying glass, forensics kit
DESCRIPTION: Brown fur, brown eyes, 6’, medium-light build, yellow & silver Road Rover armor
PERSONALITY: Wally is observant, cunning, and determined to solve mysteries and catch bad guys. His idol is McGruff, and a bad habit he has is a constant desire to examine very object he comes across, trying to amass a photographic memory of all smells like his mentor, Professor Hubert. He prefers to his teammates as ‘youngins’, though he greatly respects them.
HISTORY: Wally came from a long line of tracking dogs, bred especially to track down people, whether they are criminals or lost people. Although his coming age forced him into retirement, he retained the sharpest senses over some younger tracking dogs that replaced him. During a large-scale prison escape nearby his hometown, Wally was responsible for the capture of nearly half of the fugitives, but he also made sure the other tracking dogs did not lose their composure while seeking out the rest, therefore the search and recapture succeeded in a matter of several hours. Because of his talents despite his age, Wally was called upon to fill the ranks of the new Rescue Brigade.

NAME: Trooper
AGE: 24 in dog years
SPECIES: Dutch Shepherd Dog Cano-Sapien (Metabolyst)
ORIGIN: Fort Hood, Texas, United States
ACCENT: Texan (light)
SKILLS/POWERS: Trooper is impervious to most weapons that deal kinetic energy, like bullets, explosives, and blunt weapons. This does not apply to slashing & choking attacks. He also trains in hand-to-hand combat taught to American soldiers.
WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Tonfa nightstick, handcuffs, flashlight, whistle
DESCRIPTION: Tan fur w/ black back & tints of brown on the ears and tail, brown eyes, 6’2”, medium weight build, yellow & silver Road Rover armor w/ matching reflective bulletproof vest. There are times he wears a dress suit while doing any bodyguard missions.
PERSONALITY: Trooper is stern, confident, and fearless. Although not often a fighter, he is fiercely protective of his team and innocent people.
HISTORY: Trooper trained as a military police K-9 at Fort Hood when he was called upon to be a Road Rover by the Master, but as an escort for the Rescue Brigade, a new non-aggressive team of heroes. But Trooper proved himself during an emergency in Bangkok in the midst of an earthquake. With emergency personnel blocked off from where the Rescue Rovers landed to help the victims, Trooper took control and brought back order to the area, giving the Rescue Rovers the capability to help the injured and leading the people into a coordinated effort to rescue even more survivors. For this, he became a permanent member of the Rescue Rovers as Sparky’s second-in-command.

NAME: Armstrong
AGE: 22 in dog years
SPECIES: Australian Shepherd Cano-Sapien
ORIGIN: Austin, Texas, United States
ACCENT: Texan (medium)
SKILLS/POWERS: Armstrong has a longer and greater endurance than normal dogs, and could survive in extreme climates. He’s also been trained extensively on survival techniques.
WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT: Armstrong’s main equipment is a backpack-size survival bag w/ an advanced computer system and a cavity, lined with a material-generating sensor pads. This can generate other items and equipment transported from a special vault in Road Rover HQ, even items that are naturally too large to fit in the bag. Such equipment can be as big as a large tent for four people.
DESCRIPTION: White fur w/ blue Merle back & ears, green eyes, 6’, medium-light build, yellow & silver Road Rover armor
PERSONALITY: Armstrong is head strong, persistent, and never gives up on a mission. Sometimes uses Western-style mannerisms that don’t make too much sense, but better than Exile’s.
HISTORY: Armstrong is one of the few of the Rescue Brigade that never had training before his becoming a Road Rover, being nothing more than a happy loyal pet. During a typical family outing in the desert, the youngest of the children wanders off far from the group, for which only Armstrong could track her and stay with her. With the two lost in the wilderness, the family mounted a short search until the monsoons rolled in and forced them inside for days. But Armstrong remained vigil and guided his child to places safe from lightning, heavy winds, and flooding, and cuddled close to her to keep her warm during the nights. After 4 days, the storm lifted and rescuers expect to recover bodies, but everyone was stunned to find both Armstrong and the child alive and relatively safe. Although Armstrong never took up any job in his normal life, he was picked for the final spot in the Rescue Brigade.

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