Story time with Daddy by Mirera

Story time with Daddy


3 April 2015 at 20:26:43 MDT

"As the rain began to fall, Simba climbed to the top of Pride Rock
then the clouds parted, revealing a star filled sky. Simba roared
triumphantly, and all who heard reacted with joy!" Gage read cheerfully.

A certain kitten in pikachu jammies, popped out and roared as she heard this part. Gage could still see tiny tears in her eyes from earlier in the story; the loss of the great king was always hard for Mirera to hear no matter how many times she heard the story.

He finished up the last of the story, closed it, and said "The End." Mirera was
ecstatic for the happy ending, however wasn't happy the story was over. She pleaded for another story, this time, one with a blue alien.

"You need to go to bed now, lil' baby." Gage smiled and booped her little nose. Mirera huffed but knew she wouldn't be able to change her bed time,
so she flopped down on the bed and giggled, grabbing her toys. Lulu, their pet puppy, jumped on the bed, and snuggled up to the kitten. Gage smiled, and tucked them both in the Spongebob blanket, before landing a kiss on Mirera's nose. He made sure her stuffed animals were all secure around her, and her favorite three were in place. After all, a little kitten needed protection from things in the night, and Edwin, Growlithe, and Stitch were her body guards. After switching water from juice in her zippy cup, Gage leaned in and hugged this little bundle of blankets, stuffed animals, a Lulu and a Mirera, and said the thing he said every night...

"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. Especially those
spiders, mosquitoes, vampires and vampire bats!" He chuckled and kissed her cheek. "I love you, times infinity and beyond." He smiled.

Mirera, of course, said the same thing, but not without one- upping him with infinity and beyond plus two and finished with, "I love you too, daddy."

And with that, Gage turned off the light, and the little kitten went sound asleep.

Characters: mirera and gage_puhp
Story: gage_puhp
Art: Mirera

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