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You bring out the better in me by Mirera

You bring out the better in me


Stew (gage), I love you more than you know. Being married to you still gives me butterflies when I think about it, and I still get a big dumb grin on my face when I look at the ring... I can't believe that we really will grow old together, or in your terms "fall apart together". It is an amazing feeling.

I love you more than rainy days, I love you more than puppies and kitties and all the other cute animals, I love you more than chinese food, and all the sweets in the world, I love you more than tulips and snowy mountains.

Even though you are a silly goof who gets on my nerves when you call me cute or boop my nose... you are my sweetheart. I want you to be mine forever.. andeverandeverandever.

Hope you like this picture, babe. <3
Poured my heart into it.

Characters: gage_puhp& mirera

Art: mirera


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    this is a beautiful piece. hope you'r loved one enjoys this as much as your viewers do.

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      Thank you very much! He sure does. >w<