Walking down memory lane... by Mirera

Walking down memory lane...


3 February 2014 at 07:35:39 MST

So, these two. They are actually stuffed animals I once treasured as a child. ^^
Deamon is a husky from Cabela's.
Angel is a jackrussel I got from Toys r us.

Aren't they the cutest couple? ;w;

They had a whole family, two little husky pup boys, Konan, Juneau, and two jack girls, Perdy and Patches.

Not sure that'd be possible irl, but they were relatively the same size as stuffed toys. >w<

I had Angel wearing my old RL jack russel, Bandit's, collar.

They were my most favorite ones to play with, often. Then there was Mango/Oreo (a ringtailed lemure ninja, who switched genders) Stitch (lio&stitch) Kit (fruit bat), Jake& Geminai (rotties) and SOO many more omg. I had a TON of stuffed animals, and lots of disney inspired adventures with them. ;w; I swear, I could play for HOURS.. and it would be what I looked forward to most, usually. I bet most kids felt that way about their fave toys. <3

Unfortunately, I lost the ability to play with them around 13-14 and... my dad is keeping them from me now, and who even knows if he still has them... my babies. :c

Oh well, they can live on in my head and art, forever. <3
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