One of these things is not like the others by Mirera

One of these things is not like the others


3 July 2015 at 02:16:17 MDT

Something personal I have been working on while taking a break... trying to resume commissions. I just had to take a little break, I hope you understand, commissioners!

Anyway, this is a T-shirt design I have made for myself, only there will be no BG color, and the letters are colored in white.

Phoebe just cheers me up so much when I draw her. <3 Happy, derpy lil pigog. >w<

Do any of you know a good place to get awesome/longlasting quality for t-shirt and hoodie printings? Also, I would like a rather large image on the shirt... not just the chest area, but down to the tummy too. Please, let me know! :D

Character: mirera
Art: mirera

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    I'm assuming this is a personal CHARACTER, but I'm gonna say, this would be awesome on a tee shirt >w> I love little random things like this, earned a watcher

    I think redbubble can run the graphics pretty large, I'm not sure. You should be able to Google up custom tee shirt sites and get several hits. Good luck with it though!

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      I don't know why character cappsed.



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        Haha! No problem. x)
        And thank you. ;w; She is a personal character, Phoebe the pigog. I totally wanna do it, but I haven't found the right place... The site you are referring to is called "redbubble"? I can print hoodies and T-shirts there?

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          Well, its a store meant for small custom retailers. But you can just as easily post it up, order it for yourself, then cancel the order. Otherwise, there's a site called spreadshirt that's more straight forward.

          If none of these are right, I'd say checking around your local area. There were a few custom silk screening shop up north of where I live, and I woudn't doubt there are one or two around your area as well. Perhaps not prominent, but present.