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Vore Tournament 2.0.1 by Mircea

Vore Tournament 2.0.1


It's been exactly two years since Vore Tournament 2.0.0 has been released, as a reboot of the now defunct 0.7.0 branch. During this time roughly 10 new features, 10 gameplay changes, 15 bug fixes, and many smaller modifications have been added to the Git repository. As of this month they're available to the community, with the second release of the project Vore Tournament 2.0.1. You can find the list of modifications in the file, here are the most important highlights since the previous release:

  • Scripts for launching Vore Tournament under Windows and Linux are now included. Users of those platforms should no longer need to manually create a shortcut and add the parameters by hand.
  • Proper micro / macro bounding boxes. Previously we were unable to change the scale of the actual collision box, only the visual size of the player model was altered... having only the illusion of smaller / larger size caused many issues. Large players may now be too big to fit in some areas (without crouching) whereas small players can be tiny enough to enter tight spaces inaccessible to normal size players.
  • Machine learning for bots. The AI learns which players are usually a predator or prey during the match, and are more likely to chase or avoid individuals based on how they perceive them against the vore traits desired by that bot.
  • Recursive vore is now allowed. Predators can maintain their prey after being eaten, allowing players to be the prey of players who are themselves the prey of other players.
  • Convert the team healing system to reverse digestion, instead of automatically healing team mates when they're the prey of an ally. This allows team mates to safely eat enemies while also healing their allies.
  • Allow peeking outside the stomach and through the predator's mouth when using the zoom key as prey.
  • Fix prey being released at the respawn position of the predator instead of the location where the predator died.
  • Add a new set of default bots, based on characters with specific personalities and likes / dislikes. Each character is briefly documented inside the bots.txt file.

Full instructions for running Vore Tournament are available on the official repository:

  • Download and install the latest version of Xonotic.
  • Download and unpack the 2.0.1 tag of Vore Tournament from its Gitlab repository.
  • Place the directory inside the root Xonotic folder, then rename it to remove the version from the end of the directory name so that it's called just data_voretournament.
  • Run voretournament-windows.cmd on Windows or on Linux: This should launch the game on all 64bit versions of the OS.

Download Xonotic and Vore Tournament at:

Vore Tournament:

Here are some screenshots iconic to the changes made between 2.0.0 and 2.0.1. Note that some are NSFW (player model nudity):

None of this would have been possible without your support. Thank you! If you like Vore Tournament and my other projects, please consider pledging 1$ or more on my Patreon page:

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