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The K9 Accident by Mircea

The K9 Accident


24 December 2018 at 06:25:11 MST

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! On this day I shall share my animation for year 2018. This time I decided to do something a little different :)

This is my first full animation (no camera tracking) as well as my first render to feature a stereoscopic (3D anaglyph) version for viewers with 3D glasses. It was rendered at 1080p @ 60 FPS under Blender 2.79b / Cycles. It marks my first experiment with looped animation segments which is a technique I plan to use in future projects.

The backstory is left to the viewer's interpretation. From what can be observed, an incident has occurred at a remote base, causing a man to end up inside the stomach of a large dog. The dog can be seen struggling to regurgitate the human but to no avail. Judging from the screams that can be vaguely heard, the man has been in there for some time. As this dog's digestive system is not efficient enough to kill a man, he is expected to last for at least several weeks. It's unknown whether there are other people in the area who could come to the rescue, however that possibility is estimated to be unlikely.

Special thanks to the following special supporters: Ternon, Smokey, Qoostewin.

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