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Point of no return 6 by Mircea

Point of no return 6


25 November 2018 at 17:10:05 MST

This year's issue of the PONR comic! I decided to go for a prize which to my knowledge hasn't been claimed yet: Creating the first furry vore comic in my native country and language (Romania(n)). I'm actually curious if anyone else beat me to it, which I wouldn't be surprised if somehow they did. And yeah... I'm still a bit of a male tsundere with this vixen, don't take my supposed cries for help too seriously. Also I challenge you to find the artist and submission who inspired me to come up with that joke! Full dialogue translations in both languages:


  • Mr. Ilie: Poor fox. She's probably suffering from hepatic cirrhosis. She shouldn't drink so much țuică (a traditional alcoholic beverage), it's not good for them either.
  • Vixen: Oh god Mircea! Are people here really that ignorant about my kind? Pffft! You should be happy I kidnapped you from this place and made you spend the past half decade in my stomach. Not that you aren't or anything.
  • Me: God you are so stupid! Don't just stand there: Call the damn ambulance and get me out of here!
  • Me (thinking): Thank goodness people can't hear me from in here... and have no idea what's going on either.


  • Dl. Ilie: Săraca vulpe. Probabil suferă de ciroză hepatică. Nu ar trebui să bea atâta țuică, nu le face bine nici lor!
  • Vulpe: Oh doamne Mircea! Sunt oamenii de aici chiar atât de ignoranți despre specia mea? Pffft! Ar trebui să fii fericit că te-am răpit din locul ăsta și te-am făcut să petreci ultima jumătate de deceniu în stomacul meu. Nu că nu ai fi.
  • Eu: Doamne cât de proști sunteți! Nu mai stați acolo: Chemați dracu salvarea și scoteți-mă de aici!
  • Eu (în gând): Slavă cerului că lumea nu mă poate auzi de aici... și nu are nici o idee ce se întâmplă.

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