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My animations are up on BitTube by Mircea

My animations are up on BitTube


Some of you might remember this post from a few months ago:

It's not over just yet; My animations are now up on yet another video platform! It will be my primary host as DTube continues to act as a backup, providing further safety from the censorship frenzy unleashed upon the internet this year.

Meet BitTube: The decentralized platform many dub as the Youtube Killer. Like DTube it uses IPFS for video storage and blockchain for transactions, however the site is much more optimized and user friendly, with many innovative ideas and an even better monetization system. BitTube defends free speech and all artistic creations; Its team personally welcomed my animations, even after I pointed out that it's furry and vore content, which to me was a remarkable thing. It's possible I may be working with the team myself to submit various improvements... I've already translated the website to Romanian, you can see my translation by clicking the globe icon and selecting Romanian.

The biggest advantage to my watchers is that unlike DTube which still relies on a public IPFS gateway, BitTube uses its own nodes, allowing for fast loading speeds like those of Youtube. Loading times are still a problem on DTube, thus most of you might have had issues seeing my animations there... this is now solved on BitTube.

I've created a playlist which contains all of my old animations, and of course new ones will be posted as they come. The link below will take you to the first video in the list, you should be able to see the others in the panel to the right: