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Youtube is dead, long live DTube by Mircea

Youtube is dead, long live DTube


1 July 2018 at 12:01:03 MDT

After roughly two months of work, I'm happy to start the month of July with a positive announcement: All of my animations are now back up and available to the public! They are available on the decentralized video platform DTube and can be found at my new channel:

The effort took longer than was initially expected for a few reasons. First I had to make some changes to DTube itself, in order to enable and properly manage encoding my videos in all available formats (240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, source): By default only enables 480p encoding to save server resources, so I had to set up my own mirror with customized encoding rules. Additionally I had to implement support for 1080p in the interface, for which my pull request was accepted and should be in the next official release of DTube.

I ran into other issues after that. One was discovering that Firefox for Linux won't play videos encoded in the yuv444p format (chroma subsampling) over the supported yuv420p, whereas DTube itself won't work well with avi files on top of that. I thus had to manually convert my source videos as well, making sure they play for everyone on any web browser and platform.

Afterward came the problem of pinning: For videos to load decently (as decently as they can through until DTube implements local gateway support) there have to be nodes serving the content with as much uptime as possible. Another 3D artist contacted me through Furaffinity and was kind enough to pin all videos and their dependencies on their go-ipfs node. Meanwhile last night I finished pinning them on the IPFS node of my mother's computer... basically whenever she is online, my DTube videos should theoretically load faster for all viewers too.

I decided to announce this moment with a full drawing in my usual style. I wanted to offer a huge "thank you" to DTube for creating such an amazing project ahead of its time, next to a huge "fuck you" to Youtube / Google for giving moderator abilities to internet trolls who are still using them to remove videos / channels as their psychotic minds please without anyone stepping in to reestablish order on the platform. I strongly advice every other content creator to abandon Youtube immediately and create a STEEM account to use DTube as well.

Below is a list of all my old animations, starting with my first ever camera tracking test in 2012. The first ones are less interesting, however this might be a good opportunity to explore any project I created in the past in case you missed it at the time.